Reserve a ride from home? Disney thinks so.

In a recent investor conference, Disney’s Tom Staggs (Chairman, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts) recently revealed some interesting long-term plans for improving guest experience at Disney parks. Among many new ideas for improving the overall guest experience at Disney parks was the possibility allowing guests to reserve not only rides, but shows and other attractions months in advance. Staggs said, “In the coming years, we’ll introduce a broad, integrated set of systems and tools that will help us create a more seamless, personalized experience, and help guests to get more out of their visit with us. … we are currently developing an innovative system that will, in essence, create a version of Fastpass for their entire Disney vacations.”

The goal here is to prevent guests from missing out on attractions during their vacation. Executives at Disney wants guests to get their money’s worth during a visit to the park. Staggs said, “Guests will be able to reserve times for their favorite attractions and character interactions, secure seats at our shows and spectaculars, make dining reservations and pre-book many other favorite guest experiences – all before even leaving their house.”

Although Staggs stated that this system is far from being a reality, it proves that Disney is always working to improve guest experience.