Meet the Theme Park Guy

Meet Stefan Zwanzger, the Theme Park Guy! Born in Germany, Stefan now spends his time traveling all corners of the globe to experience the world’s best theme parks while wearing a crazy roller coaster hat. What can a person who spends his time at theme parks possibly be thinking? And how did he get so lucky? Fortunately, we were able to catch up with Stefan to ask him a few questions.

Could you please tell us a little bit about yourself. Who is the Theme Park Guy? I am just a normal guy with a funny hat who’s really, badly loved theme parks since early childhood.

When did you start traveling around the world to different theme parks?
In November 2007.

Approximately how many different theme parks have you been to?
As of January 2011, just over 120 parks, excluding all the repeat visits.

What made you decide visiting theme parks around the world is what you want to do? The fact that I have nothing else than that in my head the moment I wake up.

Do you ever get sick of visiting parks? Does it ever get old?
Thank you for this question!! Yes, seeing the same prefabricated roller coaster the 10th time, albeit in a different country with a different color, that can be challenging. But still, the locals might scream a bit differently. So it never gets old.

Have you ever worked for or considered working for a theme park?
No, never did.

What is the most bizarre or unique theme park you’ve ever been to and why?
North Korea’s unexpectedly proper roller coasters. Bizarre when you look at the isolated country in the dark surrounding them.

It must be hard to pick but do you have a favorite park? A favorite ride or attraction? Favorite park is Disney Sea in Tokyo, and favorite ride is Disney Sea’s ‘Journey to the Center of the Earth’, closely followed by Universal Studios’ Spiderman Ride.

Tokyo DisneySea

For more information on Stefan or to see some of his pictures visit his website.

I’m sure I’m not the only one would who would love to visit theme parks all over the world someday.  Thanks again to the Theme Park Guy for taking the time out of his busy world traveling to answer a few of our questions. Keep a look out for Stefan, he may be appearing on a midway near you, just look for the hat!