Trip Report: Six Flags over Georgia’s Fright Fest 2010

A group of us took a trip down to Austell, Georgia yesterday to visit Six Flags over Georgia and see how their Fright Fest compared to last year’s trip. Fortunately, unlike last year, the temperature was warm and the skies were clear, but, unfortunately, the nice weather brought the crowds. Although the lines were short during the morning hours, they quickly grew by mid-afternoon.

Goliath welcomes guests into the park.

It’s Fright Fest time!

Ben & Jerry’s and Goliath? Can it get any better?

But we’re not here for ice cream, we’re here for the coasters!

If you’re ever confused as to where the “big” coaster is, just follow everybody else.

This is what happens when you try to drive to your favorite ride!

“Goliath without a line? Let’s get on while we still can!”

This ride has some serious identity issus.

Although it’s not one of the larger B&M hyper, the intense turnaround and floater hills always leave me wanting to get right back on.

Georgia Cyclone is a different story. Since it was closed last year, I was a first time rider on this trip. I was expecting a ride experience similar to Six Flags Great America’s Viper, but unfortunately it was anything but.

Perhaps it was because I rode in the back, but my own back was in pain for a good half of the ride.

Six Flags over Georgia regulars, what are your experiences with Cyclone?

The Fright Fest decorations were decent, although they were somewhat sparse.

We didn’t have much time to take in any of the shows, but it seemed as if CarnEvil in the Crystal Pistol was the show to see.

Spider webs, real and fake, were all over the park.

Georgia Scorcher was the surprise of the trip. I wasn’t able to ride it last year, and after enduring Iron Wolf at Great America for so many years, this standup was smooth as glass.

My ears pain-free as the train returned to the station. I really liked the small, compact layout of the Scorcher and the speed that it kept throughout the entire ride.

It might be a little hard to see, but everyone is smiling!

I look forward to returning next year to check out Dare Devil. Construction (or deconstruction of existing structures) was well underway.

I didn’t realize that the coaster was going to be installed in the USA section of the park. I’m sure it will, at least for a while, steal some of Goliath’s thunder.

Due to flooding, I wasn’t able to ride Ninja last year.

But it was open for business this year!

Although it was somewhat rough, it definitely wasn’t the worst Vekoma coaster I’ve been on.

We lucked out with Superman; our group happened to walk up to the entrance of the ride just as it was reopening from a extended closure.

It was a little nerve wracking to be the first train after that long of a delay! But luckily we all survived.

Unfortunately it closed once again later in the day. Anyone know what’s going on?

Great American Scream Machine can do no wrong in my eyes.

Batman looked great with its new coat of paint…

…although the hour-and-a-half wait wasn’t as great.

I did get to spend some up close and personal time with Mindbender.

It was a shame I didn’t get to ride it this time around, though, as it was one of the “sleeper hits” of last year’s trip.

We all decided to wait for another ride on Goliath.

It was well worth the wait.

As soon as the sun begins to set, the monsters with chainsaws come out to scare folks.

…and all the rides light up!

We would’ve ridden Superman again had it not broken down on us.

Ninja looked great with its lakefront setting.

You know it’s time to star looking over your shoulder when the red fog pours out.

Someone suggested to go hide in the diner. I’m brave enough!

There were a few ghouls lurking in this tunnel of greenery.

I thought I would be safe in Scorcher’s line, but even as I took this shot a zombie came up from behind and surprised me.

But he didn’t have time to stay and chat; he had some more frightening to do.

Yes, the “v” and the “e” lights in “Drive In” were left off on purpose! It’s little details such as this that makes me love Fright Fest.

Good night, Georgia Cyclone!

Good night, Six Flags over Georgia!

Overall, it was a great day despite the long lines and Acrophobia being closed. The only employee problem we encountered during the entire day was “Destiny” who was stationed outside the entrance of Goliath. We entered the line around 8:30, after confirmation from another employee that we would would get on the ride if we entered the queue before 9:30. However, Destiny began telling the crowd that the wait time was two and a half hours and that we only had a 25% chance of getting on the ride.

Some guests left the line, but others (including our group) were enraged and were dead set on getting on the ride. As people began arguing with her, she shouted at the crowd that she wanted to go home, threw her hands up in the air, and walked away. Luckily we got on the ride without problems, but her actions were tacky and uncalled for. Remember, Destiny, the guests always come first!

But I applaud the other countless employees that were great hosts and hostesses to our group. We had a great day!


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7 Responses

  1. willie rushton says:

    we went last saturday and for the ga cyclone i think it depends on which train you get on , one of the trains was real ruff and beat your kidney to death and one train was smooth.

  2. Ryan says:

    I am a SFOG regular and love Cyclone, but it is almost always rough and sometimes veryyy rough. The air time in the back is just too AMAZING though 🙂 and the pain isnt bad imo… it throws you around but doesn’t really beat you up like some woodies do. I usually go home bruise free 🙂

  3. Sam says:

    SFOG’s FF really does crap all over SFA’s. Am I right?

  4. Michael Stegner says:

    I Love the georgia Cyclone,….I’ve been on about every major coaster up and down the east coast, and the georgia cyclone is my #1 woodie,…..(Although, sadly, the 1 coaster I’ve not been to yet, is the real cyclone at Coney Island, which I’m assumeing is better.)

  5. Blake says:

    The Cyclone was great when it opened in ’90. I was just a child, but it was the most terrifying roller coaster in the park. It is pretty much a mirror of the Coney Island one but I believe the GA Cyclone is a little taller. The years have not been kind to it, however. I love the Cyclone but I ride it so often that I know exactly where to brace myself. It seems that SFOG opted to add trim breaks a few years back instead of reworking the track. I think last season they tried to fix some pot holes, but it is still pretty rough. It is coming up on its 25th anniversry in in 2015, it would be awesome if SFOG refurbished it, took off the trim breaks and returned it to its former glory.

  6. stu says:

    the beast is one of the best woodiesi have been on at a ride time of 5mins whats not to like

  7. Katie says:

    Six Flags is such a joke! You need to go to a real park (Cedar Point) to see how things are supposed to be. When the park closes, Cedar Point closes the lines for the rides but everyone that is in line still gets to ride the coaster–no matter how long it takes!! They also hire more mature employees (college students) that can work later into the season and have better attitudes because they are willing to actually pay more money for these employees. I was astonished when I realized that as soon as the fall season begins and the high school students are back in school, Six Flags continues to charge the same price for tickets yet is completely understaffed and only runs ~1 train for each coaster at a time! Cedar Point would NEVER do that! I have never seen less than 3 trains running at a time for ALL of their 17 roller coasters. Six Flags is too cheap to actually do anything to benefit their customers! Unfortunately, most of the Six Flags customers do not know any better because they have never been to a real amusement park.

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