Coaster101 turns five years old

Happy Birthday Coaster101! The website has been in operation for five years now!

If someone  told me five years ago that Coaster101 would live five years, I probably would have laughed. When I created the website on June 15, 2005, I had no idea where it was going to take me. Was Coaster101 going to be something that only kept me occupied during the summer before my freshman year of highschool? Or would it grow and develop into a place where myself and others had the ability to share words, pictures, videos, and more with others that shared the same love for the amusement industry. I think you can guess which one the site has evolved into.

I usually offer a short summary of how Coaster101 came to be but since I did this so well last year I feel like it would be pointless to rehash all of it.

Though we’ve done a number of great things over the past five years, I want to spend this day looking towards the next five years of Coaster101.

I try to keep Coaster101 as fluid as possible to allow for changes. These changes have been visible over the past couple of years as we have shifted to a content-driven “bloggish” site. The internet is constantly changing and I want to do my best to keep up with that change. I want to continue this mindset in the future – I believe it’s the only way the site stands any chance of survival.

I also want to thank you for taking time to visit Coaster101. Whether you’re a first-timer or a regular, we appreciate everyone who supports the site by interacting or by simply reading our words, viewing our pictures, and so on. We’d be nothing without you!

Join with me as we look forward to the future. I have a feeling it is a bright one here at Coaster101!


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