Orlando 2010: Animal Kingdom Trip Report

The last day of a vacation is usually bittersweet for me. I’m ready to return home and see friends and family, but leaving your getaway destination is always difficult, especially when that destination is the Walt Disney World resort. Our last day was dedicated to Animal Kingdom during the day and Epcot at night for one last viewing of Illuminations. I’ll be focusing on Animal Kingdom:

I’m celebrating my third visit to Disney World!

I subconsciously always make Animal Kingdom out to be a “half-day” park but we always end up spending the whole day there!

Could this be a small nod to what was to be Beastly Kingdom?

I think Animal Kingdom is by far the greenest park I’ve ever been to in my life.

The Tree of Life stands tall and proud over Animal Kingdom, but because of all the other trees you can only see the tree from a few places.

I had never taken the time to notice how many animals were carved into the tree’s trunk. There are quite a few!

I didn’t get “drenched” on my first ride on Kali River Rapids so I talked myself into riding again. I believe “dripping” would be the best term to use!

There’s a mountain ahead!

The trees and other greenery around Expedition Everest have grown so much that this is about the only decent place to get a shot of the drop.

Seems like just yesterday I was walking down from those stairs!

I could stand in this spot and watch trains come out of the mountain all day. The expressions on people’s faces are priceless.

This area is Disney’s take on a “ghetto” carnival.

I’ve yet to tackle Primeval Whirl. Once my head can tolerate spinning, it’ll be first on my to-do list!

Dinosaur is one of my favorite dark rides at Disney World. I know a lot of people have problems with the “excessive darkness” but I love the entire ride!

A meal at Rainforest Cafe is the perfect way to end a day at Animal Kingdom and that’s just what we did!

I decided to refrain from taking my camera when we returned to Epcot so that I could focus on the park’s beauty rather than trying to get pictures left and right. Illuminations was great – it was the perfect way to end a week at Disney. Thanks for reading these trip reports and I hope you enjoyed the photos. I can’t wait to return to Florida!


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