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Hello! If you are a long-time Coaster101 reader, you know that we hold the annual Attraction Awards in the beginning of each year. We have decided to mix it up this year by offering the Attraction Awards of the Decade. That’s right, we will be voting on the best attractions to come out of this decade (just so you know, that’s anywhere from 2000 to 2009).  This is a light-hearted contest – it is by no means supposed to be a representation of the actual “bests” of the decade. Let’s get down to business. Here’s how things will work:

You must nominate an attraction, coaster, innovation, etc. that opened somewhere from January 1st, 2000 to December 31st, 2009. December 31st, 1999 does not count, but I’m not aware of anything major that opened on that date! We will accept nominations through January 18th. We will determine which nominations are chosen for voting based on number of nominations per attraction based total number of nominations for each category. Now let’s get on to the categories!


This past decade gave us a plethora of steel wonders. Some broke records, others broke down. Which one do you feel was the overall best steel coaster?

We learned from this decade that wooden coasters are here to stay. Some true works of wooden art were opened over the past ten years. Which do you feel was the best?

This is a broad category. Which new style of ride deserves the title of best innovation? Was it the flying coaster? the Euro-Fighter? The possibilities are endless.

Which water-influenced ride really made the biggest “splash” on this past decade?

Simply put: What was the biggest screw up in the industry this past decade? It can be the closing (or opening) of a ride or park? More endless possibilities!

What park had the best employees? You know, those employees that make you feel at home, the ones that make you willing to return to that park? Any park that operated within the last decade is eligible for this award.




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