Really? Serial Thriller at La Ronde?


Once again, a Six Flags park is featured in the second article of our Really!?! series. This time it involves another coaster move – one that’s already taken place. Many of you probably know that Astroworld shut its doors in 2005 and its rides were scattered across the country among other Six Flags properties or just scrapped all together. Serial Thriller, a Vekoma SLC, was sent to The Great Escape and was rumored to open for the 2007 season. That never happened. There was never a definitive answer, but some believed that the ride did not align with the new management’s “family friendly” image. So the ride has sat in storage, until recently.


A post to ThrillZone revealed that the coaster is now sitting with a fresh coat of paint at La Ronde, a park that Six Flags owns and operates in Canada. The coaster is sporting a red and yellow paint job, very similar Geauga Lake’s Vekoma SLC, Thunderhawk, which just reopened at Michigan’s Adventure last year.

Much like the situation at Six Flags Great America, La Ronde features a ride type that is similar to the one they are bringing in. This time it’s a Batman: The Ride clone named Vampire. If you’re not familiar with the type, “Batman clones” feature inverted trains and five inversions, much like a Vekoma SLC. Granted, the two rides give very different ride experiences, but you have to wonder why Six Flags wouldn’t have sent it to a park that hasn’t seen a new coaster in a number of years over a park that received a B&M mini-hyper only a few years ago.

Many believe this is a sign that the ride trade program has returned to the Six Flags chain. That would be nice, except so far it doesn’t appear as if it’s going to be an even trade for The Great Escape or Kentucky Kingdom.