Really? Chang at Great America?


This is a new series in which we ask certain parks… REALLY!?! What were you guys thinking?

With the rumors of Six Flags possibly moving Chang from Kentucky Kingdom to Great America in the coming years, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to ask the “Really!?!” question.

Most of the focus surrounding this rumor has been on the location of the ride. Where would it go? Would it replace the Whizzer? Another major issue has been that the park already has a standup coaster. Would this mean that Iron Wolf would be removed so that there wouldn’t be a “double ride”? Or possibly, would Six Flags add floorless trains to Chang so that it could be marketed as a completely separate attraction?

But I’d like to take a step back from the Great America side of this and look at this from Kentucky Kingdom’s perspective. What are they doing to that park? In the last few years, they’ve lost a drop tower (for obvious reasons), a huge water ride, and a racing wooden coaster. They’ve completely sealed off a section of the park! This leaves an SLC, a wooden coaster, and a Schwarzkopf shuttle loop as the park’s main thrill rides. Meanwhile, there is a waterpark growing from the center of the park like a tumor. Is this park headed down the same road as Geauga Lake? Perhaps this is Six Flags’ way of testing a solo waterpark operation.

Both parks are getting the short end of the stick. If you think about it, Six Flags Great America has received the short end of the stick for the last few years. Excluding the new highly-themed Buccaneer Battle, the park has received “shelf rides” for the past few years including Superman: Ultimate Flight and The Dark Knight. While Chang is a custom design and would not be considered a clone, doesn’t Great America deserve a bit more? It’s one of the most successful parks in the chain yet its last custom-designed coaster was Raging Bull which opened in 1999.


While of course none of this is confirmed, one has to wonder how such an outlandish idea could be started for no reason at all. Even if this doesn’t come to be, it’s sad to think that the idea was even put on the table. Let’s hope for the best for Great America and Kentucky Kingdom.


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14 Responses

  1. Nick says:

    Awesome feature idea!

  2. Tyler says:

    I don’t see much wrong with this move. I mean, clearly SFKK is going the way of GL. It’s inevitable at this point, so why fight it? And I don’t see how SFGAm is getting the short end of the stick here. Chang looks to be a totally solid ride (I have no quams with Mantis, and Chang looks even better), and stand-ups are a great experience to GP members. Take out Iron Wolf, put in Chang. Call it Revenge of the Wolf for all anyone cares. Everyone’ll love it, and it won’t be too costly for SFInc.

  3. John says:

    All I know is that the Iron Wolf beats the crap out of me and is especially unpleasant for male riders who wish to have children in their future.

  4. ZR7 says:

    If riding the stand-up coaster is hurting the twins, just ignore them when they tell you to stand up straight because they’re locking the seats. Squat down a few inches, and then stand up once they have the seats locked. Don’t lock your knees either.
    I hated stand-up coasters until I figured out this secret.

  5. SS says:

    take out the river rapids and you got a perfect spot to put chang. Remeber the Whizzer was supposed to be taken out a few years ago for a new attraction but because of public outcry, the ride was saved. I don’t think the Whizzer is going for a long time

  6. KB says:

    I live near SFGA and i know everyone HATES iron wolf so i think its best if they do take it out for chang i also agree that SFKK is going down that road

  7. Russ says:

    If you look at whats going on in the park you will see that they removed space shuttle america which is right next to the go cart tracks.. Look up at the picture above chang might possibly be going there with floorless cars instead of stand up. But also they purchased a wooden coaster from kiddieland that could go in iron wolfs place and they could expand the kiddie section. I dunno just some thoughts and they make sense…

  8. Male Coaster Lover says:

    After Working at SFGA since wolf opened, I can tell you anyone who says their twins hurt is a bunch of bs. Seats are more comfortable than a bike. Now, knocking your head around is a different story. The harnesses were redesigned halfway during its life. Unfortunately, it’s not as comfortable as the original design. When wolf first opened, it was the SMOOTHEST ride for years. The same could be said for Eagle. Unfortunately, Rides age, which is part of the beauty in the roller coaster funatics experience. With that said, Chang would bring a COMPLETELY different stand up experience to the park. Who cares if there are two in the park? Their are multiple sit-downs and no one seems to care. What ever the new ride is, SFGA is in need of a larger ride for adults. Enough with the kiddies already!

  9. C'mon!!! says:

    wtf?? they shouldnt take out any rides!!!!!! they should atleast buy one more acre of land and add the chang and iron wolf isnt that bad

  10. GAFan says:

    Chang should be going where space shuttle america used to be since there is a sign posted there now saying “under funstruction…the fun starts spring 2011″…using changs old trains for iron wolf to get rid of the headache it guaraantees everytime you ride it would make to 100 times better and the idea of making chang a floorless coaster would be smart since it would be a new exp and not another standup that so many ga fans have come to not like…headaches iron wolf…so i think that would be the best move. And yes great america has received a bunch of bs over the years. dejavu was a mess, superman is great but it is a shelf ride, the dark knights is a waste of space, and any other new attraction has been for kids, didnts work, or just too small of a scale for any one to care about.

  11. Josh says:

    This ride was confirmed to be coming to six flags in the 2011 season. it is unknown if it will become a floorless attraction, but it will not replace any rides. it will be placed over the go kart track, where space shuttle america was, and a section of the parking lot.
    Source: attended the hieght zone board meeting.

  12. cool says:

    All i know is that Six Flags needs a new major rollercoaster ASAP!

  13. David says:

    Riddlers Revenge is 12 years old at SFMM (and awesome, therefore chang must be, too[its a B&M]), Chang is 13, Iron wolf is 20. Iron wolf is small in comparison, and, old. SFGAm deserves a newer B&M, SFKK deserves an even newer B&M (floorless custom?)

  14. austin says:

    too bad that didnt happen it went to SFGAdventure instead but yeah six flags great america could use a new rollercoaster some small not too small maybe a boomerang or something like mr. freeze and they also should add more thrill rides. and they should add the worlds tallest log flume!! like 150ft tall i think the tallest is 128ft im amazed that they added riptide bay for 2011 but if they want to make there waterpark perfect: add a giant recing watercoaster like whats at wet and wild phoenix but way bigger longer taller faster and maybe even dip underground! then add a quad halpipe slide complex, and a giant family raft ride i mean huge partially enclosed and open waterfalls and maybe even smoke, light and sound effects! and they could make it different colors and stuff too. that makes the waterpark better then any other six flags waterpark or cedar fair waterparks and BETTER then wet and wild

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