Welcome to the new Coaster101

Welcome to Coaster101 Très.

Hello and welcome to Coaster101 Très. That’s Coaster101 3, Coaster101 3.0, the third, etc. Why did we decide to call this new Coaster101… Très? While we’re not changing the site’s language, we are changing how the site looks and communicates with you. We are departing from the standard three-column layout. We are doing away with the discussion forum. We are doing away with one central photo gallery. Everything is now random but connected. That doesn’t make alot of sense does it? How can everything be random yet connected? Through tags and search. If you look to your right, you will see a search box. That is the best way to navigate this new Coaster101. We have content all the way from the site’s beginnings in 2005.

We are still committed as ever to bringing you all the coaster content you could ask for, but now everything has equal importance. Confused? Say wrote an in-depth article on Intamallibarkoma’s new launch system. That feature might be followed by a gallery of general photos from Dollywood. There are no rules here now. We are not catering to one specific group. Everything here is on the same playing field. Each of our features, galleries, etc. will have their own discussion thread. Registration is not required.

We are re-imagining the coaster website. We are doing away with the standards and the “norms”. This is Coaster101 Très… Welcome.

Want to be a part of this new Coaster101? Register! Do you want to contribute content to Coaster101? Contact us!


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3 Responses

  1. darkGDI says:

    I like the new site… much more organized. However, I think that you need to have a discussion forum. This way, people can discuss the changes in more detail than a comment will allow. bbPress is a good one, as it offers good integration with WordPress.

    I really like the new direction, but I hope that some of the features from the old site return.

  2. John says:

    We are considering that, but right now we are trying to focus more on the site’s content rather than the discussion aspect. When the forums return, we want to make sure that they are more connected than in our previous version of Coaster101.

  3. ghettoblast says:

    bbPress is so easy to use and to customize. Also, I recommend http://www.bbpressthemes.net for cool bbPress templates. ^^

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