Transformers… the coaster.

robocoaster-g2-trackBy now you might have heard of the two Transformers rides that are going into Universal Studios (Hollywood and Singapore) over the next few years. The 3D ride should be incredible, but what if Universal decided to take it up a notch… by creating a Transformers coaster. Think about the possibilities!  I think a Transformers coaster would be the prime opportunity to bring the long-awaited RoboCoaster ride concept to life. Riders could go on a battle through an exotic city with Optimus Prime, defeating the Decepticons all while utilizing the RoboCoaster systems. Riders could even take the role as a Transformer themselve. To make guests want to ride again, each car could be a different Autobot… each giving a slightly different ride experience. The possibilities are truly endless.

3D could still be put to good use, but I believe some fire effects would make the ride even better. Take it up a notch to 4D! A movie like Transformers is truly one that I would want to live, and hopefully in the future the right equipment will fall into place to let that happen. But for now I guess we’ll have to live with the standard 3D Spiderman-esque attraction. I have a feeling we’ll make it. But hey, in a few years Universal Studios Orlando will be needing a new ride. Islands of Adventure has Spiderman, so they’ll need to go above and beyond… they’ll need to push the envelope farther… Hey I can dream!

John Stevenson


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3 Responses

  1. Ricky says:

    How about a transformING coaster? Changes from an Intamin Giga, to a B&M Hyper, to a GCI wooden coaster with the flick of a switch! 🙂

  2. jake says:

    what about the third 4-d roller coaster in the world? make it like the x2 but slower and have more effects. and maybe have it inside (something like the x2 and the revenge of the mummy combined into a transformers roller coaster). the design is already there, so it would probably be cheaper than building a robo coaster.

  3. John says:

    A 4D coaster would make a great Transformers coaster, I didn’t think of that.

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