Kings Dominion is getting a Giga?

This one’s really surprised me. It seems as if Kings Dominion will be receiving an Intamin Giga coaster next year. This thread over at Theme Park Review¬†somewhat confirms it. Like I said, I wasn’t expecting this at all. With the current economic situation, I’m shocked that Cedar Fair would make such a costly investment, especially with Dominator only being installed two years ago. Granted, that probably didn’t cost as much as this ride will, but in the general public’s eye, Dominator is still a new attraction.

But on the other hand I’m not sure I want to trust a label on a package of washers. With the new style of track pieces that you can see in the post mentioned earlier, I’m more willing to believe that this may be a hybrid style of coaster, not necessarily a Millenium Force sybling. But whatever it is, I bet it’s going to be big. Those pieces of track have a double spine for a reason!

Cedar Fair probably has an idea of why they’re adding this ride. Kings Dominion is rather close to Busch Gardens Europe, which probably gets a better rep. Hopefully this attraction will be a smart investment for Cedar Fair.


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