Mr. Freeze Review

mrfreezeI’ve always heard alot about the Mr. Freeze at Six Flags St. Louis and Six Flags over Texas, but I’ve never given the two rides much thought until I took a trip to Six Flags St. Louis back in August. One thing is certain: the ride makes the park’s skyline. As you get closer to the ride, you can hear the siren announcing a train’s departure. Seconds later you see a train full of riders blasting across the sky, through the tophat, and around back towards the spike. I always wondered how the train would have enough momentum to go back through the course backwards. I didn’t realize that LIM’s took the train up the spike nearly to the top.

Entering the queue, you can feel the icy air all around you. The music builds the suspense. You can hear the distant roar of a train launching. As you enter the station, you feel like you’ve stepped into the actual movie. Everything seems to be in a frigid blue tint. The double station allows for two trains to be active at once. But not surprisingly, only one side was operating the day I was there, so wait times were a bit longer.

As you sit down, you’ll notice how worn the handles in front from being grasped during the ride. The safety check is performed, and then the train slides into the launch position. The countdown seems to go on forever. 5… 4… 3… 2… 1… The train launches. Words cannot describe the feeling during the acceleration. It takes a few seconds to get your breath back, but there’s no time to relax – the train is thrusted up into the tophat. The forces are extreme as you are pushed into your seat.

The train continues through the course at high speeds. The overbank yields more intense forces. Then it’s up the spike. You slow as the LIM’s take over and take you to the top. You stop for a half a second before plummeting back towards earth. You complete the entire course backwards with all the forces as the first go around. Your train flies back into the station as the brakes kick in, slowing you to a crawl as you re-enter the station.

The ride was a bit to intense for my likings. I like rides to be re-rideable and this was not in my books. The launch was beyond belief, but after that it’s all about the forces. If you like extremely forceful rides, you’re in for a treat when you ride Mr. Freeze.