Revenge of the Mummy Review

Has anyone ever told you that you wouldn’t make it, that you wouldn’t be there at the end? Let me tell you right now, Imhotep isn’t the most optimistic person you’ll ever meet. So if you don’t want to be discouraged to the extent of death, you might want to stay away from Revenge of the Mummy.

100_2003But if you can deal with a little bit of discouragement, you’ll find yourself walking down the hallways of the Museum of Antiquities on your way into the Mummy’s tomb. Once you get there, you’ll board a four-row, four-across car that will serve as your ride vehicle.

After a left and a right turn, you’ll find yourself being warned by a mummified park guest: “Are you insane? Get out of here! The curse, it’s real! This whole place is a trap! He’s…” Imhoptep bursts out of his coffin lying against the wall next to the used-to-be-guest. “Silence! With your souls, I shall rule for all eternity!” He’s pretty enthusiastic about it too.

One more right and another left brings you to a long straight section through what looks to be the treasure room. You see a face materialize on the opposite end of the room; “Serve me, and savor vengeance beyond measure.” As you continue to move forward the lights dim, then turn blue as skeletons appear on both sides of the car. You speed up to make it under a lowering wall, make a sharp turn left, and come to an abrupt halt in front of a blue wall.

Once you stop, you hear numerous squeaks and scattering bugs. Scarabs start pouring out of a slot in the wall (they distract you from the flipping track behind you). You then get pushed backwards down a hill and come to a stop on a turntable. A skull appears on the wall, and as you turn in a half-circle he follows, saying something along the lines of “Not even I could save you now. There’s no escape.” As you begin to move off the turntable, forwards again, you hear something like “Your end shall be my beginning. Behold your great.”

Off the turntable, you begin to slope up. As you do so, the mummy appears before you, screaming to you “Your souls are mine!” That’s your cue to attempt a getaway. You launch to around 40 mph in just a few seconds and find yourself hurtling downwards before you even climb much upwards! It’s all a blur, but it’s pretty much a right turn, left turn, right turn, a low-to-the-floor trick track section, and a left turn into the block section.

You stop, and it appears that the ride is over. There’s a shadow of a ride op in the booth to the left, but all of the sudden lights below the window begin to flash, the glass of the booth breaks, and Imhotep appears yet again. “Prepare to forfeit your souls.” Now it’s time for the fire-and a lot of it! The room heats up as the mummy screams “Death is only the beginning!” and you’re sent down an extremely surprising drop into a misty pit where your picture is taken.

Another climb up, another fall down, and a right turn upwards brings you to the final brake run. You see a video projected in front of you where Brendan Fraser (the actor from the Mummy films) is welcoming you back. Like any start, he begins to scream for his cup of coffee. It’s brought to him, and he thanks them; then he realizes that he’s thanked a mummy. The screen goes dark and you hear many crashes and screams as you pull into the unload station.

Universal Studios needed-an amazing, high-tech coaster to bring in the enthusiast crowd as well as more guests as a whole, and they got it with Revenge of the Mummy. The ride is amazing and surprises even people who have seen the videos (myself included). If you’re planning on visiting the Orlando area any time soon, plan a day for a whole lot of fun-that is, if you can stand a little pessimism.

Tyler Hopkins