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Skyline Attractions Sells First Skywarp Ride

Skyline Attractions revealed today that the three-year-old company has sold its first Skywarp ride model, which is scheduled to open at an undisclosed park in the summer of 2018. The company formally announced the sale on its website. Skyline describes...


Skyline Attractions Announces Skywarp at IAAPA 2016

IAAPA Attractions Expo 2016 kicks off this week in Orlando, and one company has already announced exciting plans for a new ride. Skyline Attractions’ Skywarp “coaster” is touted to incorporate “modern technology with big structure, major thrills, speed, inversions, interaction...


Skyline Attractions Teases Skywarp Attraction Concept

Skywarp, a new ride concept from Skyline Attractions, takes the circular “Larson Loop” flat ride to another level — and doubles it. According to the ride animation below, Skywarp would feature two separate “trains” that traverse the pretzel-loop style track layout. The two trains would...