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Six Flags Mexico Announces New Additions for 2017

As part of Six Flags’ chain wide announcements today, Six Flags Mexico made two new announcements of their own for 2017. First, after the RMC Converstion of their former wooden coaster Medusa to Medusa Steel Coaster in 2014, Six Flags Mexico is adding the popular...

Six Flags America could probably use more than a medium sized Star Flyer... 0

Wonder Woman Star Flyer Coming to Six Flags America

Six Flags America will be joining its sister parks in 2017 with the addition of a Star Flyer type swing ride. While all of the other US Six Flags’ have “SkyScreamer” named Star Flyers, Six Flags America will be getting...

Rage of the Gargoyles is the biggest new thing coming to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom for Halloween, although hopefully it becomes a permanent fixture! (courtesy Six Flags) 0

Six Flags Announces New Interactive VR Coasters

Six Flags announced today they are expanding their collection of virtual reality roller coasters. Last year Six Flags introduced virtual reality to roller coasters at nine different parks using Samsung Gear VR Headsets and partnering with VR Coaster. The rides had one of...