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An Interview with Jack Rimer of CoasterDynamix

When I was growing up as a young roller coaster enthusiast, I found it near impossible to find roller coaster models to build. Sure, there were K’Nex roller coaster sets, but nothing super realistic that mimicked an actual roller coaster. Enter CoasterDynamix....


X-Labs Roller Coaster Factory

CoasterDynamix, the company behind the super realistic roller coaster models, made a big announcement via Facebook today. From their post: “After 3 years of development, Adam Reed Tucker (The creator of the Lego Architecture Series) and the engineers at CoasterDynamix...

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Building the CoasterDynamix Comet

Ever since I was a little kid I wanted to build a realistic wooden roller coaster model.  I always wondered how to make a roller coaster model. Thanks to CoasterDynamix I’ve finally been able to do so. The Comet is...