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Wild Adventures Interview

We got the chance to ask Bob Montgomery, the general manager of Wild Adventures, some questions about they plan to do with the park in the future: How is it working with the “African” theme that you don’t see in...


Hard Rock Woes: My Take

Ever heard of Hard Rock Park? Possibly not, which is why they filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy. Hard Rock Park announced on its website that it is closed for the season “to allow management to focus on restructuring efforts.” The...


Busch Gardens Howl-o-Scream

Coaster101 member Johny Canon took a trip to Busch Gardens Europe to check out their annual Howl-o-Scream event. I think the European theme of the park is great for a creepy, dark setting. It seems like they really know how to put on a...

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Six Flags St. Louis 2008

We took a trip up to Six Flags for the first time yesterday and I was really impressed with the entire park! It’s not a huge park but it has a solid collection of rides, especially in the wooden coaster...


Hard Rock Park Photos

Coaster101 recently visited the new Hard Rock Park and took some great photos of the park at sunset.


Astroworld 1971 Photos

Before there was Six Flags Astroworld, there was just Astroworld. The park opened in 1968 and sadly closed in 2005. These pictures are from 1971. Several characters would roam the parks making for several photo ops.     I’m guessing this...


Six Flags New Orleans 2008

Coaster101 recently returned from a trip to New Orleans and we stopped by Six Flags New Orleans to see what state the park was in after almost three years. The sign still says “Closed for Storm”. The signs along the...


Aftershock Opening Day Photos

Our very own “FeelTheForce” was the winner of the “choose the name” contest for the park’s new coaster… Aftershock. He was able to ride one of the first rides out of the station. Congratulations! Here are some photos from the...