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Should I Eat Before Riding a Coaster?

Before you head out for a day at your favorite amusement park, you may find yourself asking: “Should I eat before riding a coaster?” For some, the phrase “losing your lunch” is synonymous with “roller coaster ride.” Getting sick on a ride...

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Rollglider: Where Roller Coaster Meets Zip Line

What happens when you cross a zip line with a roller coaster? You get the “Rollglider,” a new style of zip-line ride that is gaining popularity across the globe. According to the manufacturer, the Rollglider fuses the “thrill of free...

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Carolina Harbor Media Day Report

After “making a big splash” last August with the announcement of Carolina Harbor, and working tirelessly throughout the off-season and the early spring to make the concept a reality (Construction Updates: #1, #2, #3, #4), Carowinds officially opened the “largest water park...