Author: Nick


Why 2017 is the Year of the Drop Tower Ride

We already unveiled our top ten most anticipated roller coasters for 2017 (and hopefully will be riding the number one coaster on our list next month). While 2017 is a weaker year for new coasters, it’s going to be a...


A-Z Coaster of the Week: XLR-8

For our A-Z Coaster of the Week we’ve arrived at the letter “X” and must travel back in time to the days of Six Flags AstroWorld to find XLR8, the first “successful” suspended roller coaster. AstroWorld was a massive theme...


Mystic Timbers First Rider Auction

Coaster101 contributors Nick and Kyle are planning on participating in the Mystic Timbers First Rider Auction and are looking for your help! Kings Island and Cedar Fair Charities are joining with the Andy & Jordan Dalton Foundation to give us...