Knoebels Announces Steel Coaster for 2015

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4 Responses

  1. Joseph says:

    It looks awesome…bring it on!!

  2. CoDAce says:

    It fits well into the park if I do say so myself. Though at first glance it looks like a Euro-Fighter (the rendering’s trains don’t help with that). Kenobels has always seemed to be a more traditional park (haven’t been there myself but from what I see it does), and this does fit that mold.
    As for the ride itself, I’m impressed by it, nice compact layout, that still looks like it packs a punch. But their choice in builder confuses me as Euro-Fighters are more common, the only ride similar to this is Wicked at Lagoon, which by all accounts is a good ride. Still would have preferred a Euro-Fighter, but this fills the park’s void of an inverting coaster. Would most likely ride it if I ever got out there, as well as Phoenix and Twister.

  3. Connor says:

    This is indeed extremely unexpected considering they just recently built a drop tower called Stratosphere and their classic Flying Turns projects just got finished. Knoebels is moving forward quickly and I like it. I didn’t ride bumper boats often, or play boat tag ever in the hundreds of times I’ve been there. The bumper boats was a nice leisure intro to park, however I think this will create a great first impression for new visitors! Can’t wait.

  4. Colin says:

    When will you do a feast run ad put it on the Internet

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